Uganda Presidential Elections: U.S Cancels It’s Observation

On Wednesday, the United States said that the Uganda Presidential Election vote would lack accountability and transparency because many of it’s accreditation requests were prohibited, so it could not observe the election.

The US ambassador to Uganda. Natalie Brown expressed “profound dissatisfaction” in a statement claiming that more than 75% of the requested observer accreditations were rejected.

In a statement, she stated, “With only 15 accreditations accepted, it is not feasible for the United States to ascess effectively the election process in Uganda at polling sites across the country,” the statement stated “.

As we have stated earlier, in the upcoming elections in Uganda, the United States is not taking sides. We support an electoral process that is free, fair, peaceful and inclusive.

”The accountability, transparency and confidence that observer quests offers will be lacking in Uganda’s Election without the strong participation of the observers”.

In response to the U.S. Ambassador’s statement in his Twitter message, Bobi Wine wrote, First, they turned down the invitation of the EU Mission to observe the election.

“Now, U.S. observers have also been denied accreditation! The world knows why Gen. Museveni is doing this. So unpopular and yet very anxious to declare himself a winner at all costs. Uganda, turn up & vote,” Uganda.

“The declaration of the U.S. embassy came after Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni spoke harshly against development partners, Facebook and unnamed outside organizations he accused of ”Callousness”.

The government of Uganda has constantly suspected that foreigners work to support the opponents. The musician and legislator identified as Bobi Wine, Museveni’s major challenger, has been blamed of being “an informant of foreign entities,” which he rejects.

After the social network deleted Ugandan accounts connected to his reelection campaign, Museveni declared that his government had closed down access to social media and hammered Facebook.

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”The social channel you’re referring to should be used equitably by everyone who wants to use it, if it’s actually operating in Uganda”. If you want take sides against the (ruling party), that group in Uganda is not going to operate” Museveni said of Facebook.

Facebook asserted this week that most of Uganda’s accounts had been deleted because they were included in suspected coordination to inauthentic conduct.

The claims of external interference have led to a charged ambience with Museveni deploying the military in the streets of urban centers where the authorities fear that the opposition is planning riots that might overwhelm the regime.

In his generational conflict with the 76-year-old Museveni, who has rejected calls for his retirement after 34 years in power, Wine has caught the minds of many at home and around the world.

At least 54 people have been killed in November as conflicts incited by the arrest of Wine were put down by security forces, whose activists were regularly split up by police allegedly enforcing coronavirus protection measures.

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