See what Imam of Peace Asserted about Buhari towards #Endsars Demonstration

President Muhammadu Buhari has been criticized by Mohammad Tawhidi, commonly known as Imam of Peace, over his incompetence on the increasing

issues of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), the new Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) police force.

Imam of Peace stated that he was currently on a social media break, but Buhari had made him come back again, in a Friday morning tweet.

He criticized the president for resuscitating terrorists, encouraging some northern states to commit massacres, and most importantly, not resolving the problem of SARS.

His tweets Below Reads:

“Buhari is a criminal. He has:

1- Freed thousands of Boko Haram terrorists from prison.

2- Allowed genocide and massacres against Christians and members of his own army.

3- Failed to appropriately address #SARS terrorism.

4- and remains the chief of Fulani militant thugs.

“The United Nations Security Council and the United States need to both investigate

Buhari’s corruption and designate SARS and Fulani militants as terrorists. #EndSARS

Buhari creates the problem and then promises to solve it.

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“He fails to solve it, and so he blames everyone else but himself. Buhari is the problem,

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and terrorists in Nigeria such as Boko Haram and Fulani thugs have become powerful and wealthy under his rule.

“SARS has now joined. Buhari is the biggest criminal in Africa. Do not expect the person who freed thousands of Boko Haram terrorists to protect you from SARS.

“There needs to be an international inquiry about this spike in terrorism against innocent civilians.

“#EndSARS If the president is openly corrupt then the police will naturally be openly corrupt.

If Buhari really wants to end SARS, Fulani crime, and Boko Haram’s terrorism, then he

must first resign and allow someone else to do the job – because a criminal doesn’t fight crime. It’s not enough to #EndSARS.

“Everyone found guilty of murder or any crime must be put on trial. This will not happen

during Buhari’s failed Presidency. Buhari must resign and the entire mafia: Buhari, Fulani militia, captured Boko Haram and SARS Terrorists must face the law.

“I was enjoying my time away from social media but Buhari missed me and wants me to make him trend globally again. I shall grant him that wish very soon”.



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