FAYEMI-Nigeria Working Intensively On COVID-19 Vaccines Made Locally

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum asserted that Nigeria is accelerating action to overcome the progression of COVID-19 in the country with a domestically made vaccine.

On Friday, following a meeting with the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), in Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, the NGF Chairman and Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, disclosed this.

Fayemi stated that Buhari claimed that the supreme goal is to produce the vaccine domestically, further than shopping for and obtaining vaccines for Nigerians.

He indicated that, to that essence, there is already a joint venture with a producer.

Fayemi told reporters, “The federal government already is part of the WHO-GAVI Alliance-COVAX joint venture,  vaccines will come from that alliance and what we understand from the PTF.”

Some of it comes first from Pfizer, and then, perhaps, later from other different vaccine manufacturers.

But it’s not yet clear when these vaccines will reach Nigeria.

Therefore, one of the concerns raised with Mr. President is the need to speed up the release of vaccines to the country in order to make them accessible to our people.

Those of us in the states at the losing end understand that this is a problem, and in terms of having our states prepared for vaccine storage,

especially the cold rooms and cold chains that will be needed for that process, we also have to increase our own readiness.

“The Chairman of the NGF prattled about the need to get prepared at the state level, noting, “The federal government can acquire,

but in our different states we will collect and implement, and there is a huge  work to be done in that regard.

Of course, we have also debated on vaccine sourcing.

Our perspective is that, eventually, we need to really increase the production of vaccines domestically.

It’s all right that COVAX is going to provide us with some vaccines.

The first 100,000, then 43 million, and inevitably 165 million doses are there, as we comprehend.

But, there’s nothing quite as good as the capabilities to domestically produce our own vaccines.

“We acknowledge that there is a joint venture with May & Baker that really needs to be accelerated by the federal government

so that together we can manufacture the medicines here in Nigeria and not impinge on what comes from other parts of the country.”

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Fayemi lauded the PTF for alleviating the worries exhibited by Nigerians about the COVID-19 vaccine by presenting

the willingness of President Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to be vaccinated with a message of protection.

The number one main focus in vaccine management for us as governors applies to public health and risk interaction,” he stated .”

I commend the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force for at least desiring to use Mr. President and the Vice President

as their advertising vehicles to reassure those who have misgivings about vaccines that this is not a menace to them.

You understand that in different areas there are religious and cultural worries and we are evaluating that with all of our coworkers at the state level.

The good thing is that Mr. President consented with me that the need to use other influencers, perhaps chief imams, bishops, top music artists and sport stars, would be conveyed to the PTF.

The more people that take the medications are often seen, the increasing the chances that resistance will dissolve in our different locations. So, we’ve been discussing that.’

Nigerian state governors are also prepared to be vaccinated, the NGF chairman stated .

We, as well, would also like to show our residents that we understand vaccines will function.

Don’t underestimate, we have a great deal of experience with that.

The governors’ forum has attempted the management of polio vaccines in the nation, and we have gained a great deal of experience.

We have collaborated with the Federal Ministry of Health’s Primary Healthcare Development Agency and will be glad to work with NCDC and PTF.

“So, in our different states, we would also take the lead,” he stated“.

On whether the states would make a contribution to the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines, the governor of Ekiti State,

stated that financial management information are something that would be of benefit to all states.

But we still understand that there are a number of approaches to be taken, and there is a health approach.

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