Be Wary Of Fake NIN App, NIMC Instructs Nigerians

On Monday, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) cautioned Nigerians to be cautious of the fraudulent National Identity Number (NIN) app developed by scammers to collect NIN and BVN by default from people.

When instructing Nigerians on the disparity between the fake and the initial app, the Commission made the disclosure through its verified Twitter account.

NIMC, which disconnected itself from the app, said that the app is operated by scammers who use it to collect the NIN and bank verification number of individuals.

“The app was not developed by NIMC or the Federal Government of Nigeria,” NIMC tweeted. It is run by

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scammers who, by default, are presently scavenging the NINs and BVNs of people.

People were instructed by the Commission to protect their information and to avoid disclosing personal data to unlawful persons or platforms.

Flashywap earlier, had confirmed that through its recently introduced mobile app, NIMC disclosed how seven SIM cards can be connected to one NIN.

According to Dr. Isa Pantami, Minister of Communications and the Digital Economy, who recently stated

during a press conference on the Politics Today program for Channels Television.

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